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Advantages of Milking Machines
  • Reduction of dependency on farm workers.
  • Enables rearing of larger herd.
  • 3 times faster than hand milking.
  • Saving of labour expenses
  • Increase in the milk production and quality
  • Reduces stress throughout the lactation by creating good milking routines.
  • Pollution-free machinery
  • No sore hands or arms

About Milking Machines Kenya

As a leading supplier of milking machines for cows in kenya, our complete dedication, innovative ideas and a passion for excellence has ensured that we remain one of few trusted milking machines suppliers in the region.

Our portable milking machines are widely used in small, medium and large farms. It consists of a vacuum pump, milk pulsator, motor, the claw, liners, rubber tubes and milk bucket. Has low power consumption, stable performance, easy operation, compact, lightweight makes it an ideal choice for most farmers.

*** Our Offer Prices ***

Single Cow Milking Machine (10-12 cows per hr): Price Ksh 58,000/=

Double Cow Milking Machine (20-24 cows per hr): Price Ksh 78,000/=

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Technical Details

  • Pulsation Mode: Pneumatic Pulsation
  • Pulsation Beat: Single beat or Binaural beats
  • Pulsation Times: 64 Times per minute
  • Operation Vacuum Degree: 50Kpa
  • Production Capacity: 10~12 Head/h
  • Air Flow: 12m3/h
  • Power: 1.1KW,220V
  • Rotary Speed: 1440n/min

Milking Machine in use

Choosing The Best

Milking Machines in Kenya

For all dairy farms in Kenya, getting more milk with less effort is desirable. To get more milk requires healthy and happy cows. Automatic milking machines in Kenya can help you to maintain udder health of your dairy cows hence increased yields. Not to mention, milking machines are also more efficient than hand milking.

We are renowned suppliers of quality and reliable milking machines in Kenya for small scale and large scale commercial dairy farmers.

Why choose our milking machine?

Return on investment - every investment you make on your farm should bring returns in the long run and a milking machine is no different. Our milking machines ensure efficient use of farm labour and increase yields. The machines are also power efficient which saves on power bills. Consequently, all of these factors lead to lower cost per litre or kilogram of milk produced. This means more profits for you.

Ease of use - our milking machines are extremely easy to use. We provide our clients with all the information they need on how to operate the machines. Our technicians are also available to teach farmers how to use our machines effectively. How about our portable cow milking machine for sale? These machines are simple to use and do not require expensive installations or special structures.

Peace of mind - there are many milking machines in Kenya but our products are built with longevity and reliability in mind. Our milking machines do not breakdown easily giving you many hours or operation and long life. We guarantee you peace of mind and many years of service whether you are milking just a few or many cows in a day.

Unparalleled customer care service - buying a milking machine is an important investment for your farm and therefore you need all the help you can get to make the right choice and get the best from your investment. We help our clients pre purchase with useful information such as calculating the return on investment, how long it will take for the investment to recoup it's costs and what options they have on financing if any. Post purchase, our clients enjoy unmatched after sales service and information that will help them to make the best use of their machines. From troubleshooting, installation to teaching you how to use the milking machine we are there with you all the way.

Manage udder health and increase yields

We stock quality milking machines that are designed to harvest milk from the cows gently but quickly thereby maintaining the health of the teats. The machines are also easy to clean and sanitize which minimizes the risk of transfer of infections from one cow or one teat to the other. Before you start milking ensure your cows are properly cleaned and prepared for milking.

Our machines are designed in a way that the cow is positioned naturally during milking making the process easy and efficient. Reducing stress for the cows during milking has been shown to enhance yields as the cows stay grounded until they are completely milked. Our products make the process hassle free for the farmer and the cow.

The process is quick and the milk is sent directly to a collecting vessel. This reduces the chances of contamination of the milk occuring along the process from milking to storage. We are here to assure dairy farmers in Kenya higher yields and happy healthy cows.

Affordable Milking Machines in Kenya

Worried about the cow milking machine price in Kenya? Worry no more because our products are highly affordable. We have a variety of machines suited to different herd sizes. We have products for farmers with different budgets from small scale farmers to commercial farmers that need complex systems.

For daily farmers in the country, we are your solution for quality milking machines that will help you grow your business. We offer quality and reliable milking machines backed by leading warranties and professional customer support. We are committed to the growth of our clients by ensuring mechanisation of their daily farms brings returns.

Feel free to browse the different products on our website. We are here for you so contact us anytime to learn more about our products or to place your order.