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Double cow milking machine

Milk pasteurizer price in Kenya
Milk pasteurizer price in Kenya
Milk pasteurizer price in Kenya

Milking Machine Prices

Single Cow Milking Machine (10-12 cows per hr): Price Ksh 58,000/=
Double Cow Milking Machine (20-24 cows per hr): Price Ksh 78,000/=

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Do you need a milking system that you can rely on? The double cow milking machine is what you're seeking. Our milking machine is the best option for dairy farms of any size since it streamlines the milking procedure and increases output. We take great satisfaction in becoming the industry standard in milking equipment and providing our clients with cutting-edge, customized solutions.

Why you should buy from us

The double cow milking machine is very effective and crucial in today's commercial dairy industry. Our system utilizes cutting-edge technology and ingenious design to enable the simultaneous milking of two cows, thus cutting down on milking time and labour. This allows you to maximize milk output while decreasing time spent on milking.

Our milking machine's stress-free and painless milking operation is a significant benefit. We know how important it is to take care of your cows. Therefore, our equipment is designed to be as gentle and clean as possible throughout the milking process. It has a pulsation mechanism and soft rubber liners that stimulate the body's natural milking rhythm, protecting the teats and enhancing udder wellness.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

• Multiple Cows Milked at Once
The unique ability of the double cow milking machine is to milk two cows at once. Because of this improvement, milking may be completed in a fraction of the usual time, letting you maximize milk output while cutting down on expenses. You can streamline your processes and get more done around the farm if you can tend to more than one cow at a time.

• Rapid and Effortless Functioning

Our milking equipment is equipped with cutting-edge technology for quick, hands-free milking. Suppose you want to ensure your cows have a pleasant, stress-free milking experience. In that case, it is outfitted with robust suction systems and pulsation mechanisms that simulate the natural sucking activity of calves. This automation speeds up the milking process and guarantees reliable results.

The double cow milking machine produces high-quality milk with an intuitive design and easy operation. The control panel makes it simple to modify milking parameters and check in on individual cows. Automatic teat cup removal is included in the equipment to make sure the whole milking procedure goes off without a hitch.

Our milking machines are built to endure. Therefore, we emphasize making sure they are of the highest possible quality. Every part is expertly designed and constructed using premium materials for durability and endurance. You may have faith in the efficiency and reliability of our equipment since they are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they adhere to international standards.

The double cow milking machine is a top-tier milking solution, and when you buy it from us, you also get our top-notch support. If you need help deciding which device would best meet your needs, our knowledgeable staff advises you every step of the way and offers continuing support and maintenance. We care about your happiness and want to see you succeed in your dairy farming endeavours.

Don't use inefficient and time-consuming manual milking techniques. Improve your production, efficiency, and the well-being of your cows by investing in a double cow milking machine. Join the growing number of pleased dairy farmers who have used our state-of-the-art equipment to transform their milking processes completely. Get in touch with us immediately if you're interested in learning more about our milking equipment and how it may help your dairy farm succeed.

Regarding optimizing the milking process, the double cow milking machine is the only option for dairy producers. This machine provides a complete solution for maximizing production and animal welfare thanks to its dual-cow milking capacity, gentle and stress-free operation, user-friendly features, and long-lasting durability. Our milking machine is state-of-the-art, and when you buy from us, you also get our top-notch support. The dairy sector is booming, and you may enjoy the benefits of efficiency, dependability, and success by joining the ranks of happy farmers who have made the switch.